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September 29

So you want to be an entrepreneur….

What is it about the internet that fuels our dreams of upward mobility? What is it that makes us who we are? The internet amazes us because it connects us in a previously-unimaginable way. It allows us flash communication and increases our business reach. Talltales of overnight stars and instant millionaires stir the loins of […]

September 26

10 Smart Ways to Make Money Online

Last time I wrote about whether or not an intensive workday is a possibility. In follow-up, let’s assume that you have mastered the art of productive batching and single-minded concentration. You are a well-oiled cog in the sea of fast-moving and disparate company body parts. However, you still earn a bum wage. Or you’re an […]

September 05

Improve productivity by writing your notes and not typing them

I have a secret. A grossly underestimated secret. It isn’t a hush-hush type of thing, really. It’s actually a well-known phenomenon that researchers are still trying to figure out. It’s this: I learn better by actually physically writing down notes and lists than by typing them up. Truthfully, many a fellow student and co-worker has […]