So you want to be an entrepreneur….

What is it about the internet that fuels our dreams of upward mobility?

What is it that makes us who we are?

The internet amazes us because it connects us in a previously-unimaginable way. It allows us flash communication and increases our business reach. Talltales of overnight stars and instant millionaires stir the loins of lustful and ambitious neighbors. But why is that? What really motivates some to wade backwards while the rest of us continue with the flow?

The Institution of Engineering and Technology claims the top reasons for wanting to be an entrepreneur include:

  • Money (to state it bluntly)
  • External Recognition
  • Independence
  • Self-satisfaction and fulfillment

Indeed, even members of the Young Entrepreneur Council–an exclusive organization made up of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs–stated that their motives for pursuing ephemeral wisps of entrepreneurial madness spring from similar desires. It’s an amusing ride full of scares and dips and downs and little frills, but if you persevere, that feeling of proudly profound accomplishment will be yours. You don’t have to be a genius or well-off from the start; you only need to bite down, train your attitude, practice mind-bending spoons, and hold on until it’s time to jump ship or make landfall.

Dare yourself to take that first small step, and go from there.

So why do you do it? What pulls you out of bed every morning, and puts a bounce in your barefooted step?

And in honor of this Monday, the traditional start to the traditional workweek, here’s an adaptation of the famous poem “So you want to be a writer…”

so you want to be an entrepreneur