Sending an engaging Job Application Email

Let’s say you have the perfect CV and cover letter. And then you go ahead and send it to a recruiter or a HR email, hoping to get a job in the company you wanted. You might be the best candidate for the position they are looking for, but unfortunately your job application email will only show up as a name and subject in a long list of lots and lots of other emails. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

To stand out from the other contenders, you have to show you’re special from the outset–and it’s all in the subject line.




These are our tips to writing an eye-catching one-liner:


  • Write your name (yes!):

  • Make it so that your name is visible as soon as they receive it. It is also makes it easier for recruiters to search for your email afterwards. Don’t write something like:
    “Job Application” or ”Applying for…”


  • Capitalize some of the words:

  • Make your subject line more visually pleasing. Capitalize the beginning of each word, except for prepositions. All the examples below are written in that format.


  • Keep it simple:

  • Say with as few words as possible why you are special. It could be experience or education (or any other thing, really) that will make a recruiter open your email:
    “Rafa Collis, 10 Years of Experience in Online Marketing” or “John Doe, MBA, Senior Financial Analyst”


  • Make it easier (for the recruiters):

  • If you are applying to something specific add a reference or the position that you are applying for. The easier you make it for recruiters to find you, the easier it will be for you to be hired:
    “Rafa Collis, MBA, Applying for Social Media Manager”


  • Get Referred:

  • If you are referred you can pretty much ignore all the previous tips and simply write: “Referred by John Newman for Social Media Manager”. That way your application will get through much more easily. Just make sure you emphasize the fact that you were referred.

    All in all, keep it short and keep it sweet. And remember, in a job application email, you’re trying to market yourself and you’ve got to get on that from the get-go.