Kevo, the Lock of the Future

Last week (although it wasn’t my first time), I left my keys inside the house and I (stupidly) decided to close the door. You could almost watch the door closing in slow motion while I wondered: where are my keys…?

And, in the end, I had to wait for a friend to come with my spare set, making fun of me all the while. Yes, it happened again. And yes, I’m dumb.

How can you avoid this situation? That’s the thought that plagued me for a good number of hours after my ordeal. How could I keep myself from locking myself out of the house?

After researching a bit, I found Kevo. From the outside it just looks like a regular lock, but here’s the kicker: you can unlock it with your iPhone. On top of that, when you do so, a circle of light around the lock lights up and gives off that high-tech accomplishment feeling. And, best of all, it can save you from bunch of embarrassing situations (use your imagination here).

This isn’t really a review–just a mention of a really cool gadget–but I’ll explain a little about how it works. You basically just install it as you would install any other deadbolt, and voila! The technology is wrapped up conveniently inside, so it looks and feels like your normal, everyday lock. To open, you touch the Kevo with your hand, and if you have an iOS device nearby with the correct e-key, the lock will display a spinning blue light and unlock. The lock comes with a free iOS app (which looks pretty nice) and can be bought in three different finishes as well.
The downside? It costs quite a bit more than a regular lock at $219. Also, the app is only for Apple devices (so far), and there is a 3-second lag between touching the lock and opening. But so far, I think the Kevo has a lot of potential and is a successful attempt to bring an innovative edge to something we use every day.