Trending: Biometric Heart rate Earphones?

Today we’re talking about biometrics. Why biometrics? Because Google has us all buzzing about their new prototypes.


In fact, a few days ago Google premiered a contact lens prototype for diabetics that warns them when their blood sugar is too high or too low. A simple-seeming new invention, this is truly an amazing step forward in the sense that it’s the first step in integrating two everyday items: contacts and electronics. It brings Google Glass to mind, doesn’t it? Can you imagine being able to integrate all that inside a pair of contacts? And to think, this might be available for nearly anyone in the close future. They’re the contact lenses from Mission Impossible 4 come to real life!

Another “finished” product that caught my eye also integrates common items from our everyday lives: a heart rate monitor and earphones.

Today’s heart rate monitors are watch-computers that read data streaming from a chest strap, which measures your heart rate when you work out. When I work out, I hate wearing them because I don’t enjoy the feeling of the strap around me, or the watch when exercising. On top of that, I tend to misplace things at times, so I really wouldn’t want to add another thing in my list of workout stuff to bring to the gym.

One thing, however, that I always bring are headphones. I mean, how can you work out in complete silence without listening to your favorite music? Or even work out listening to the grunts of other people as they lift heavy weights…?

So what if your indispensable headphones could also monitor your heart rate? Would you use them? LG’s heartrate earphones allow you to do both things.
The trick behind the magic is that these earphones measure your blood flow from the auricle of your ear, doing the same as the chest strap but in a more compact manner. Even better, this accessory will be compatible with the upcoming Lifeband.

It is very interesting to see how new gadgets are able to get biometric info from everyday devices. My opinion is that we’ll start seeing more and more technology that is able to understand us, and hopefully, it’ll use that information in order to help us improve our lives.