How To: Turn Your Smartphone into a Dash Cam

In our previous article we talked about why you should get a dash cam. For those who wonder “why spend money on a dash cam?!”, this tutorial will guide you in taking advantage of your smartphone camera. If you already carry a smartphone around with you all the time, why not maximize its uses?

Step 1


Obviously, you need to have a smartphone. Since the devil’s in the details, we recommend that you have a decent enough camera to be able to record all the fine details. In this example, I’ll be using an HTC One (my favorite phone at the moment). If you’re unsure whether your camera is good enough or not, ask a friend to drive while you record with your cam.

Step 2


In order to secure your smartphone inside your car, you need a car stand. I’m using the iMagnet in this step, and I highly recommend it (check out our review too). If, however, you don’t like magnets for whatever reason, the RAM Mount will work as well. Take a look at your camera screen and make sure that you positioned it well.

Step 3


Good hardware requires even better software. For my Android phone, the best app that I found is called DailyRoads Voyager. It works great and it’s really easy to use. On top of that, you can leave it in the background and forget that it’s recording for you. Get it for free in Google Play.

If you are an IPhone user, I recommend Car Camera DVR. It pretty much does the same thing as DailyRoads and it costs $3.99 in the .

Aaaand you are done! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section.