Expert Review: The iMagnet Life-Saver

There are many car mounts for smartphones in the market. And most are pretty annoying to use (to say the least): snap in your phone every time you get into the car, working it in those evil plastic grips like you needed an arm workout. Adding to that, these car mounts are usually phone-specific, meaning that if you switch to a new phone you need to change your mount as well–which can add up to some big bucks for some. Given that, today we are going to talk about a potential game-changer: the iMagnet.


The cool thing about this mount is how your phone is attached to the mount via magnet. The only thing you need to do when you get into your car is literally put your phone on it. As you can see, it comes in the box with the mount and two different types of metal plates, a square one with a sticker and a round one that you place in between your phone and your case.


If you don’t have a case, your only option is to attach the rectangular plate directly onto your phone. I’m a bit neurotic about my phone, so I was a bit worried about scratching the back of it with the circle magnet. Therefore I decided to stick the square piece on the back of my case. Like this:

As far as the strength of the magnets, the phone attaches to the mount pretty tightly, and after testing on the back roads of  my local countryside, I can testify that it works so well it seems like it’s glued on. It wouldn’t separate from the mount even when I passed over bumpy, gravel-type roads. I do wonder, however, if the phone would fly to the backseat if I got into a car crash…but I think not. At least, the iMagnet itself might go flying, but it’d probably still have my phone hanging on there for all its worth.



  • Easy to install in a car, just use the suction cup.
  • Hassle-free for everyday use
  • Can be used for almost any smartphone
  • Reasonable price ($25 on Amazon)


  • If you don’t use a case, you might not like putting a sticker plate on the back of your phone.
  • Also if you use a thick, gel-type case or one of those fancy leather pieces for your phone, the in-between plate won’t work as well (or at all).
  • iMagnet attaches to the car via suction cup, so its grip strength is subject to the same problems that plague the GPS suction cup: dirty plastic = no way in hell is it gonna stick

The Decision:

Overall, iMagnet performed very well, checking off on all those Gizko reader points: makes life easier and boasts a pretty good price for its value. So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use car mount don’t look any further. Just make sure that you have a phone case if you don’t want to have a metal plate chillin’ out on the back of your phone.

Gizko Grade: 4.5/5

If you want one for your tablet, check out the bigger iMagnet too.